Mind Factory Masterclass is personal development platform created for your growth and development. Self Investment is the greatest investment you can make and an investment towards changing your mindset is a reality changing decision. 

“We become what we think about all day long” Ralph Waldo Emerson 

A decision to attend a Mind Factory Masterclass is to decide to change your future. Your future will be moulded and shaped by the thoughts we think and so when we begin to change those habitual thoughts we exercise our divine right and ability to create. in fact we are always creating but now we must begin to take stock of what we are creating and this is the reason for the Life Design Masterclass. 

We are creating our experience every moment of every day. Do you understand how this works? The working of this universal principal can either hurt or serve you depending on your knowledge and application of it. Come and learn how to utilize the laws of your mind to actualize the desires in your heart.

In the first session we will discuss and learn about the Power of Imagination. Are you aware that you have a faculty of mind that is unlimited and unhindered by time, space, financial capacity, religious affinity or any other barrier you can conceive? We have this unlimited power at our disposal every moment of every day and for many of us it may lie dormant and untouched. The imagination is a tool given to us to construct the future and reframe the past. Rational thought has trapped us in relying and believing the five senses more than we believe in the realities experienced in our imaginations and this is the beginning of the construction of a paper wall prison. It is time to break free and release your true personal power. It is time to design your future, as well as experience it.

The second session is about developing the mindset for greatness. Greatness is an idea that can be realized by you and I. Many may regard themselves as ordinary men and women, but realize now that you are capable of doing great things, as long you apply the principles of the greats. We will unpack the principals of service, work ethic, mentorship, association and much more.

Please join us on the 27th May 2017 for the Life Design Masterclass as we invest time and energy together changing our future and learning from our past, while we live the best lives possible in the present. May we be changed by our conversations; inspired by our ideas and developed by the deposits we make into our lives and the lives of those with whom we associate.

To your personal power

Keenan Paulsen