To inspire all athletes associated with The Mind Factory to venture on the journey of self-discovery to gain the understanding needed to implement new information in order to reach the highest level of potential performance in their sport.


At The Mind Factory, we understand that playing sport, conducting business and family life are not who you are, but different roles you play.

 We believe that: “The way you do anything, is the way you do everything!”

We understand that you engage in many different activities on a daily basis however our strategy is NOT to laser in on any one activity to achieve a greater performance in that activity.

 We prefer to focus on YOU!

 Your thoughts and emotions and beliefs all have a central theme. It is YOU!

This is where we focus to achieve performance enhancement, and greater results across all the activities you do. It’s about reaching YOUR highest and truest potential.

When you experience wholeness and enlightenment this will flow over into your chosen sport, and you will experience performance enhancement.

Performance enhancement is a by-product of changing your subconscious climate.

The Mind Factory can help you do that!